About the DOT Challenge

DOT, which stands for Do 1 Thing, is a challenge that encourages you to make simple lifestyle changes, known as DOTs, which have a positive impact on our environment. Most of these planet-saving changes can be implemented immediately, most likely won’t cost you anything and, in fact, will probably save you money.

The DOT Challenge encompasses four categories; 

  • Water: Implementing water-saving techniques saves money and diverts less water from our dams, lakes and rivers. Conserving water can also reduce water and waste-water treatment costs, along with the amount of energy needed to manage them. 
  • Waste: The amount of global food waste produced could feed billions of people. Unfortunately, that wasted food often ends up in landfills, turning into methane gas that heats up the atmosphere.
  • Conservation: Did you know that the FDA doesn’t actually regulate the ingredients used in most personal care and of these products contain chemicals that are potentially dangerous to humans and the environment. Some products hygiene products such as makeup, perfume and body lotion.
  • Energy: Most of our energy use comes from fossil fuels like petroleum and coal that provide electricity and gas to power our growing energy needs. These resources are non-renewable which means that we will eventually run out.

Raising Awareness

Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson have been a committed team, participating in DOT to raise awareness for many years. The two take on extreme and often physically challenging trips like running around the world or rowing a race from Cape Cod to Rio, which is their most recent undertaking. They rely on their own physical strength and mental fortitude, but beyond that, they rely on people like you donating to these important causes and taking up the DOT Challenge for yourselves to spread the message. So what’s your one thing today?

The last time Linda and Ian took a trip to South Africa, their one thing was adopting Munji the rhino at Care For Wild Africa.

This information is courtesy of the DOT Challenge website; http://dotchallenge.org/#challenge and Linda’s interview with Braam in 2014.