“I live by a palaeolithic style of eating. This is also known as a ‘hunter gatherer’ style of fueling your body. Basically, I am passionate about food that is natural, sourced and eaten in it purest form and food that is clean and nutritious. It’s described as a hunter gatherer style of eating because it is based on how the cavemen used to eat. They lived off the land and ate what was available, without processing or chemical alteration. For us to perform  at our optimum level, we need to fuel ourselves with optimal nutrition.

For me, meat should be sustainable, bred free-range and the animals treated and killed with respect. I eat all different types of meat, fish and poultry, and I recommend eating all cuts of meat, with the bones, skin and fat included. Back when man was at his healthiest, they never worried about skin or fatty meat, they ate the animal in its whole and that is where all the vital nutrients and flavour is. Wastage was minimal and that is something we can strive for in our current society.

Fruit and vegetables should be fresh, locally sourced if possible, and whatever is in season. I eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and try to eat a high level of green veggies like kale, spinach and broccoli.

Quinoa and buckwheat are fantastic sources of protein and carbohydrate. They can be used in place of regular grains such as wheat and corn and offer a much healthier alternative to typically white starches.

When cooking, I love to use coconut oil. It’s what is described as a stable form of cooking oil as it doesn’t change chemical structure when heated at high temperatures. This makes it fantastic to cook with, especially frying or deep frying.”

– Luke Hines, Master Trainer- Bondi Beach

Want Some Of Lukes Recipes?

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