This birthday Ziggy Marley’s excellent song, “Love is my Religion” come to mind. “I don’t condemn I don’t convert” is a very powerful message. I am very clear that it is not my right to decide what people should believe or think, I can only express how I feel and what I see from my knowledge and experience then respect another’s path even though it may be leading to a cliff. Sometimes we can stop them, sometimes we are meant to soften their fall and sometimes we must let them learn their own lesson. We are all moving at our own pace. No matter how much we want to influence another, we really only have the ability to control ourselves completely. Need proof? Click on a news site to see how well trying to control other’s thoughts and beliefs is going for our world. 
So this birthday year, I will fearlessly join the light workers of the world and share my gifts and talents that have been fairly secret up to this point as we begin taping the evolution of Tapping IN to include evidence that indeed something greater than ourselves in the material world exists, loves us and wants us to do well. Make sure you like my page to see what’s coming.