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About the DOT Challenge DOT, which stands for Do 1 Thing, is a challenge that encourages you to make simple lifestyle changes, known as DOTs, which have a positive impact on our environment. Most of these planet-saving changes can be implemented immediately, most likely won’t cost you anything and, in fact, will probably save you money. The DOT Challenge encompasses four categories;  Water: Implementing water-saving techniques saves money and diverts less water from our dams, lakes and rivers. Conserving water can also reduce water and waste-water treatment costs, along with the amount of energy needed to manage them.  Waste: The amount of global food waste produced could feed billions of people. Unfortunately, …

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As I watched the rhino grazing in the African plain, I wondered if my grandkids would be looking at photos of rhinos in a book one day like we look at dinosaurs. Their extinction would be much more palatable if it were due to an ice age. However, they are being killed off in staggering numbers now for their horns which happen to be made of the same thing as our fingernails, keratin. So, if biting our fingernails doesn’t cure our ills or make us feel “horny,” killing rhinos won’t do the trick either. Rhino horns are also in high demand for dagger handles, a long standing status symbol of …

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