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Luke Hines On The Paleo Diet

“I live by a palaeolithic style of eating. This is also known as a ‘hunter gatherer’ style of fueling your body. Basically, I am passionate about food that is natural, sourced and eaten in it purest form and food that is clean and nutritious. It’s described as a hunter gatherer style of eating because it is based on how the cavemen used to eat. They lived off the land and ate what was available, without processing or chemical alteration. For us to perform  at our optimum level, we need to fuel ourselves with optimal nutrition. For me, meat should be sustainable, bred free-range and the animals treated and killed with respect. I …

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Philly Style Magazine Shines A Light

I opened the issue of Philly Style and my first impression was happiness because they chose a photo of designer, Alex Perry and me that was taken by my son, Ian II, who accompanied us  on our shoot in Australia for Tapping IN show.  I also knew I did not need to worry about anything they printed about me in the article because they never slam anyone. In fact, they always find the good in people and make them shine. I have noticed that their publication seems to add pages of advertising while exploitive ones seem to be thinning these days.  I believe very strongly in “change yourself, change the …

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How Do You C.H.O.O.S.E. Happiness

Dr. Happy’s CHOOSE Happiness Acronym C.H.O.O.S.E. is an acronym that stands for 6 key principles which Dr. Happy uses to sum up all the positive psychology research: C- Clarity: help people clarify their purpose, their meaning in life; their values and what’s really important for them. H- Healthy Living: It’s really important to look after your body, your diet, and nutrition. It’s hard to be happy if you’re sick and tired all the time, so we need to get good sleep and good rest. O- Optimism: There’s no doubt that happy people think about the world in a fundamentally different way. They look for the positives but they also face …

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Soul Of Art, Article By Steve Tobin

“The tension between opposites is a challenge to resolve, but when this tension is successfully balanced, electricity is generated in the hand and in the heart — it is an expression of the soul. When a maker knows who he is in relationship to his world, the object made with this existential awareness will carry this knowledge into the hand and heart of the user; with eyes closed essence is still apparent.    Working mostly with porcelain , bronze glass and steel, I am carrying a tradition forward that traces back many thousands of years. I want the user to feel the wisdom of the past and promises from a future yet to unfold… with past and …

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Get Excited! By Dr Helena Popovic

“Get enthusiastic.  Do things you love.  Do things you’re passionate about. Being excited and enthusiastic enhances our mental capacity enormously.  Excitement is synonymous with motivation.  When we’re excited about something, we’re naturally switched on and energised.  We’re focused and firing on all cylinders.  We don’t need to think of ways to motivate ourselves because we’re naturally motivated. Studies have demonstrated that aspirations actually turn on our brain cells much more powerfully than needs. When people are attached to a brain scanner and then asked to think of things they aspire to do, more of their brain cells start firing than when they think of things they need to do. Excitement …

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Petrea King, Doctors Gave Her Two Weeks To Live, Her Advice Thirty Years Later…

When asked for tips on achieving happiness, Petrea King gave us two very profound quotes to remember in any situation: “Happiness is an inside job” and “You don’t arrive at a place called ‘Peace’- and unpack. Peace and happiness come from a moment by moment choice.” On Quest For Life’s homepage, Petrea addresses what her company does, helping anyone overcome the insurmountable: “We call them life’s Ds, whether it’s a diagnosis, divorce, death, depression or disaster everyone faces a significant challenge at some point.If you can no longer cope, are feeling depressed, stressed, anxious or facing a major health challenge then Quest for Life can help. We provide practical strategies …

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