One of the most amazing experiences I have had in my travels around the world is VIVID in Sydney which happens in May. For 18 days the city becomes an open air playground of lights and technology while indoors, people flock to conferences to see where their ideas fit within our rapidly changing world. I interviewed one of the masterminds behind the event, Anthony Bastic, a gentile, humble man who created this fete of light and other mind blowing creations for events like the Sydney Olympics, which I attended. At the opening ceremonies of that event, I thought,“could anyone ever top this?” Well, he did with VIVID! We marvel at these people who can realize the wildest of dreams. You’ll need to watch the video to see how amazing is VIVID. You will also find the source of his creativity has an unexpected twist.

After you view it, consider 2 things; one; we all don’t need to be able to create light shows like Anthony because he is already doing it. We need to use our own creativity for something else that is specific to us so no one’s talents are better, just different. And two; we can be assured of great challenges in this life and like Anthony, we can choose to use them to spark our creativity.