I cannot think of a better name for my guide when I was in the Outback of Australia than “Ranger Nick.” Thanks to Ranger Nick, I know that a group of Kangaroos is called a mob, I am more familiar with the smaller, fluffy gray wallaroos, and it is fascinating that the males jockey for position, and their females much the same way humans do! (see video here  ) I marveled at Nick’s pure joy of the wilderness but what I liked most was his confidence. which made me and the crew feel comfortable, engaged and happy. I could see he truly enjoyed educating people about what he loves and nothing distracted him from that, including a video camera in his face. I am sure there are other distractions in his life but even with the cameras off, he stayed present. It’s a work in progress to stay in the present and feels good to practice. I definitely get distracted from being present and I found that simple physical triggers help snap me back. One is I wiggle my toes. It’s a trigger that says, “Get back here, keep your feet on the ground and focus on now!” It is a happier experience to live in the present. Let’s look at more ways and why in future posts. Please add anything that works for you that may work for us?