Congratulations to Linda from Pittsburgh, PA on her winning entry in our South African Adventure Sweepstakes! She and husband Ron will take a trip of a life time to Cape Town, South Africa this coming November.

Linda’s winning entry talks about her volunteer work with Yes, You Can Dance and the effect it’s had on her life in such a short time.

“Yes, You Can Dance is an amazing organization which provides modified ballroom dance lessons to ages 16-99 special needs students as well as to those with MS. Talk about happy! These students feel accomplished and proud of themselves and the volunteer dance mentors (of which I am one) receive the benefit of watching students progress and have fun. In just the 5 sessions I have mentored so far, I have seen a girl who didn’t want to be there (and who would dance with no one but her mother) smile, dance with others (even men), and actually become a good dancer. I have seen shy students blossom, students with autism go from highly distracted and unable to adjust, to following the dance steps. It is such a blessing in their lives and mine. The dance instructor (high energy, instilling confidence and fun) who developed the curriculum along with the founder have a most impressive program. I am a speech/language pathologist and so happy to be a part of this program which has provided so many moments of happiness to me at a stressful part of my life”.

For more on Yes, You Can Dance click HERE.

Can’t wait to see how their dream trip turns out. Tune in for a follow up when they return.