When I was taping in India, I saw the wooden sandals in which Gandhi walked for hundreds of miles in the house in which he stayed in Mumbai. No doubt, they hurt to wear them. I asked my guide,”why would he do that? Wasn’t walking hundreds of miles not enough?” Her reply, “Mahatma was always trying to master his mind.”

I couldn’t really say he was nuts because at times I chose to wear the most uncomfortable high heels and my motive is self centered rather than for the purpose of gaining freedom for all from an oppressive government through nonviolence, which, btw, he achieved.  The only thing I achieved in my heels was soar feet.

The “Father of India” was constantly working on self control rather than trying to control other people. He led by example and with the highest will of good as his intention.

Gandhi proved that if we all work towards controlling our negative thoughts, words and actions with anyone and everyone and focus on a peaceful approach to our greatest challenges, we will be happy. Perhaps it is worth walking a mile in his footsteps if not in his sandals.