Imagine that we are like computers. We are programmed by others and our experiences but the program designer who has final say in our happiness is us!

Get an orange and hold it under your nose and breath in the scent while you think about where you see yourself being happier several months away. What are you doing? What happened in the summer? Did you finally take that road trip, change your job, fix that relationship issues that were troubling?

Be specific because like a computer, if you google,”How can I be a happier in September?” all sorts of things will pop up which confuse your inner ‘Siri.” We will not receive clear feedback from our “Inner Knowing” if we are not clear in providing some sort of specifics in the vision.

When you imagine clearly, BOOM! The only thing that stands in your way is the “how” and that comes to you “slowly but surely” as you make your way to your goal. Use an orange from time to time for a different kind of juice; a reminder of the vision and to keep your eye on the prize. It is like your computer “cookies.” ( and about those setbacks…more next post…