What? It is probably the last wish we want to think about for the New Year but maybe the very thing that brings us the most happiness. Where does a New Year’s resolution go without discipline? South! They all do. What happens when we get off track? I believe, all sorts of things that don’t make us happy.

I am planning on being more disciplined when it comes to Yoga because I love it and I get off track when travel for work. Oh, I have heaps of justifiable reasons but they don’t make me happy, just less fit.

From age 7 to 17, I was scared to death to make a mistake in front of my piano teacher so I practiced and practiced for hours on end til I got the piece perfect. I always wished I had a different teacher but I see how being taught by a perfectionist has resulted in my attention to detail in my work and that brings me joy.

So don’t give up. Stay on track. Get back on track if you get off it. Imagine yourself in a happier place and attempt to muster up the discipline to get yourself there because you absolutely, positively can.

May you tap in to heaps of love and light and discipline in 2016!

Love, Linda