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My Interview with Sri Sri

“No Taj Mahal?!” My crew sighed as we flew past the Taj Mahal on a flight down to Bangalore to meet Sri Sri in his Ashram. We were originally scheduled to shoot at the Taj Mahal, however, the synchronicity of how my interview with Sri Sri happened, compelled me to take us on a 9 hour journey to meet Sri Sri. Before I left for India, my daughter said,” Mom, you should interview Sri Sri. He has a festival where 4 million people are coming together for peace while you are there.” The sheer thought of 4 million people coming together because of something a living person is doing, sounded …

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Sri Sri & The Art of Living

While in Bangalore, Linda stopped at the Art of Living Ashram to meet a man that is bringing together millions for the purpose of peace. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace has been practicing a life a peace since the age of 4. Among his numerous honors he is also the Chancellor of Sri Sri University and the Chairman of the Quality Control of India Yoga Certification Committee. With Ashrams in India and in the United States in North Carolina and speaking engagements all over the world, Sri Sri is taking his message of peace all around the world. As a spiritual teacher, he developed …

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