While in Bangalore, Linda stopped at the Art of Living Ashram to meet a man that is bringing together millions for the purpose of peace. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace has been practicing a life a peace since the age of 4. Among his numerous honors he is also the Chancellor of Sri Sri University and the Chairman of the Quality Control of India Yoga Certification Committee. With Ashrams in India and in the United States in North Carolina and speaking engagements all over the world, Sri Sri is taking his message of peace all around the world.


As a spiritual teacher, he developed Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful breathing technique which combines yoga and meditation. Sudarshan Kriya has helped millions of people to find relief from stress and discover inner reservoirs of energy and peace in daily life. In a mere 35 years, his programs and initiatives have touched the lives of over 370 million people in 155 countries. “There is one thing that takes away your smile, that is stress. Stress is the biggest enemy of mankind. And we need to equip ourselves with instruments.”
Click HERE for a break down of the Sudarshan Kriya technique.


He also created the Art of Living, a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization founded in 1981. Operating in 52 countries, the Art of living is diverse and attracts people from all walks of life, backgrounds and religious orientations. So many so that he just held the largest festival for peace, The World Culture Festival, in Delhi attracting 3.7 million people from around the world who came together to celebrate peace. This three day festival included keynote speakers, 40,000 musicians, cultural celebrations and meditations for all 3.7 million people. If you want to find an Art of Living community near you or want to learn more about it in general click HERE.


You can come meet with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and “Get Happy” on His US trip this summer. During his 3 day “Happiness Program” sessions you’ll practice tools for better living, learn practices to last a lifetime and form deeper relationships. To find out more about the Happiness Program click HERE