A big congratulations to Candice Printz! for her winning entry of how she is Tapping IN to Happiness as seen on Tapping IN. She will be taking the exciting Trip for Two to  New Zealand  provided by Swain Destinations and Air New Zealand. 
We thank all who entered from around the country and thank you for tuning in to Tapping IN and making a difference in your communities. Candace is giving back to hers in a big way by teaching her students how to turn trash into artistic treasures. Her entry below Tapped Into our sense of building a better world through community and outreach.

Our community is tapping into happiness by uniting for a greater cause. My students and I have taken a seed of an idea and planted it. It has, since its conception, turned into something massive and exciting. We have adopted a section of the desert/highway. We will collect trash and create artwork out of it. Local artists and environmentalists will give workshops prior to the artwork creation. The community and local non-profits will be invited to assist with this cleanup. Artwork will be a part of a traveling exhibit that will be hosted by El Paso, Las Cruces and Juarez to better inform our region about the importance of recycling. All artwork will be for sale. Any proceeds that we receive from the sale of this artwork will go back to Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Humane Society of El Paso, and the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition, the three non-profits that assist us. This project is set to take place over the next 12 months and has received a tremendous amount of attention. We just recently won a contest through Barnes & Noble for this project proposal which brought Chelsea Clinton to our high school to raise awareness about our goals. I see how many great people there are in our city, striving to make this community a better place to be. I think that by uniting all of our different efforts into one project, we can help to bring attention and compassion to what we all have in common- the desire for happiness, health, and knowledge. Soldiers, girl scouts, homeschooled children, students and community members, artists, environmentalists, the zoo, our non-profits, New Mexico, Mexico, & Texas are all united to do something that creates the most genuine and rewarding happiness- thoughtlessly giving to help others and the world they live in.

-Candace Printz

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