As humans we tend to focus more on how the world is treating us than how we are treating the world. We can all see how that’s going for us. Maybe we are a bit lost at the moment but we are amazing at fixing things.
When I was taping a dive on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) for the current Tapping IN Conservation episode, I could see first hand that the GBR is still thriving. Where people have been taking from it and harming it in the past, more and more protocols are being put in place to protect and heal it. That is a good thing because, we are so interconnected in this ecosystem, if it dies, we die.
Fifty feet below the ocean surface you can experience the sheer peace and joy of life in harmony. And, if it is happening somewhere on the planet than it can happen everywhere on the planet.
More and more “fixers” are coming to the table without a self-serving agenda. You are just not hearing about all of them but you are one of them. Fixers are working on the Great Barrier Reef and all over the world.
The ‘Fixers” will get us to this harmonious world much faster. Sending light to  “Fixer” being #1 job title worldwide!