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Curabitur posuere, est a blandit pretium


Travel To Happiness- Advice From Swain Destinations

“Travel is the best way to make people feel happy.  I find that when I plan travel for our clients, they get so excited about the new destinations, the new experiences and people they will meet.   Happiness is in all forms of travel, from the planning to the actual trip itself, and then making others happy as you share the experiences through photographs that last an eternity.    Sharing yor travel experiences with your family creates a wealth of happiness. Grandparents taking their children and grandchildren on special trips, that will bring smiles to all their faces for a lifetime, that’s what true happiness is!” – Ian Swain Check …

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Joost Heymeijer Speaks On Putting Happiness Into “The Stay”

As General Manager of Wolgan, I see myself as an Innkeeper, rather than a manager- which means I take full ownership of my guests. What we do at Wolgan is simple, we make people happy! And what a great job that it- that is all I tell my staff, be yourself and make people happy. So much better than working for a bank, or being a parking inspector! What makes me happy is when my guests are seeing the various levels of ‘detail’ that we have applies- details people discover the longer they stay at Wolgan- details that put a smile on people’s faces. What makes guests happy is that …

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