Thanks for tapping in to our website. We hope you like the show!  This is the beginning of Tapping IN and we hope to be a happiness generator for you and from you.
Please allow us to share your valuable insight into what you have found brings happiness through your own experience. We all have this amazing ability to learn from the experience of others so our need to share information is built in. We also have a key ingredient necessary for a happy world and our journey is to tap into this and be fearless moving forward with it, happily.
It’s  different strokes for different folks. We resonate with diverse methods to achieve happiness. Find some here. Share some here.  What have you experienced that can resonate with someone else? We’ll  share  it on the show and online and perhaps you can find something valuable on Tapping IN as well.
I heard a statistic that when people watch TV, they are looking for 80% affirmation and 20% information. This means we are more interested in confirming what we really know, we actually know more than we credit ourselves, and most likely, have more to contribute than we believe we have. I look forward to tapping in to all of it with you!  Let’s be happier. Linda

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