Training your brain to think of humbling experiences is a great exercise for the ego. One for me is Ta Prohm in Angkor, Cambodia, made famous in Lara Croft; Tomb Raiders with Angelina Jolie. This amazing temple which dates back to the 12th century was made to withstand the test of time yet again, nature outsmarts.

The trees, some, 400 years old, send their roots down from a seed caught in the roof and grow for hundreds of years using the temple as support so when the trees die, the temple crumbles. Then one day the only record of this amazing structure will be what we capture on camera and video and pass down from our experience.

And so, is that us too? Is our legacy what we leave behind with people. It can be made in the material world, but must leave a spiritual mark.

So Ta Prohm is now a UNESCO heritage site so it has an elongated life line. TO me, it is a visual story of our struggle to exist harmoniously in nature. I definitely gained a more “rooted” respect for mother earth during our family’s visit. And, of course, some great pics!