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My Personal Brush with Mahatma Gandhi

When I was taping in India, I saw the wooden sandals in which Gandhi walked for hundreds of miles in the house in which he stayed in Mumbai. No doubt, they hurt to wear them. I asked my guide,”why would he do that? Wasn’t walking hundreds of miles not enough?” Her reply, “Mahatma was always trying to master his mind.” I couldn’t really say he was nuts because at times I chose to wear the most uncomfortable high heels and my motive is self centered rather than for the purpose of gaining freedom for all from an oppressive government through nonviolence, which, btw, he achieved.  The only thing I achieved …

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Gandhi’s Footsteps and A Thousand Teachers

So perhaps there are as many as 1000 people in the earth plane right now who actually do remember everything and “know it all.” In the East, these people are called, “Reincarnates.” When they are just toddlers, they can identify people and places without having any previous education. This is a “no brainer” in countries like Bhutan, Tibet, etc. These people know who they are and why they are here in this time period and are cultivated to lead. The rest of us are absorbing slowly and whether you are one of the 1000 or the slow absorber, all of our purposes here are equally important and tied together. That …

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