Linda Airport

I am on my way to Mumbai, India to tape for next show and I am looking forward to all of the signs I did not expect that will present themselves.

The coincidences are the signs; “guiding lights.” I mentioned we are like computers in a previous blog. Let’s say we are programmable and like your laptop or mobile device, the results come when it is programmed specifically. We allow so many others to program our thoughts we become reactive to the next thing that happens so that doesn’t make us happy. The real happiness or inner power come when we accept that the ultimate program designer is ourselves.

So, what if we chose to open some space for the possibility that a coincidence is a “message” for a happier future. What if we programmed this into our thoughts, “ I will now be conscious of “signs” or “coincidences” as instruction for my forward motion in this life experience for a happier future for my self and everyone involved.” BOOM! The first time you reconfigure your “coincidence” as a “sign” and make the “google type” command to our thoughts,” “show me the meaning of this “coincidence” for the highest will of good,” then keep going with a positive frame of mind with no expectation. The “answers” WILL show up. When the student is ready, the teacher shows up. Who are the teacher?… next blog post