Dr Timothy Sharp, lovingly called “Dr Happy”, Cheif Happiness Officer at The Happiness Institute shares with us his answers to the most frequently asked questions he gets about happiness:

Q: What do people think will make them happy, as compared to what actually 
makes them happy?
A: One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to think they’ll find
happiness in “external” things such as money and/or material possessions.
Although these things aren’t “bad” we know from the research, and from our
considerable experience in this area, that the positive feelings we get from
“stuff” is only short lived, it’s only temporary and relatively superficial.
In contrast, what really contributes to real and meaningful happiness are
variables such as good quality relationships, optimistic thinking, compassion for
others, the ability to identify and utilise strengths and the practice of strategies
such as appreciation and gratitude.
In fact, at The Happiness Institute we believe happiness is something you choose”

University of Technology Sydney

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