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The Life Force in Oz

As I drank out of yet another plastic bottle, I could hear the late George Carlin in his epic, “Save the Planet” monologue, the earth just wanted the human race to invent plastic and now she will dispose of us like we dispose of plastic. Anyway, I must do better. If I do, I know things everywhere will get better.  As Gandhi said, “Change yourself, change the world. I believe this! Clarence from the Mingingbal people of Australia, shows us how 30,000 years of his ancestors’ living in sync with the planet can be our course now. They knew the difference between dominion over the earth and domination over the …

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Being Present: Ranger Nick and kangaroos

  I cannot think of a better name for my guide when I was in the Outback of Australia than “Ranger Nick.” Thanks to Ranger Nick, I know that a group of Kangaroos is called a mob, I am more familiar with the smaller, fluffy gray wallaroos, and it is fascinating that the males jockey for position, and their females much the same way humans do! (see video here  ) I marveled at Nick’s pure joy of the wilderness but what I liked most was his confidence. which made me and the crew feel comfortable, engaged and happy. I could see he truly enjoyed educating people about what he loves …

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Four Steps For Wine Tasting

I sat down with wine expert, Phil Hele in the beautiful Hunter Valley, just outside of Sydney, Australia to get a crash course in the 4 steps to knowing a good wine. What I especially loved about Phil, is that he believes that if you like the wine when you taste it, than it is good. Wine preferences are very personal. That said, there are 4 steps to wine tasting that when I took the steps, it make an enormous difference to my judgment of wine and it’s so easy and tastes so good! Who said school wasn’t fun? Watch here to become an instant wine tasting pro!

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